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Since 1920, our family has produced high quality rice. It is our passion and has been for over 4 generations. Mr. Muhammad Hussain Bhandari (1895-1965) was one of the richest Muslim land lord in Emanabad, Punjab who owned 3800 acres fertile land in Punjab where he used to cultivate rice & wheat. Since then Bhandari family has a pride to cultivate best Basmati rice in their own farms.

Our group has the honour tobe the packer & supplier of most respected European brands Auchan FR,Casino FR, Carrefour FR, Lustucru and our major buyers are CARREFOUR, S&B, SEWOO FOOD, ABWF and many small European chains.

Our Group of Companies is always willing to join hands with new super market chains not only in E.U. but also in other parts of the world. We can offer our own brands and also we are ready to pack private labels too.


What does it take to produce the most sought after, world class basmati rice? The simple answer is world class rice processing plants. And that's something RICE EXPERTS ENTERPRISES knows all about, perhaps better than most. Its rice factory at Kamoke district Gujranwala, province of Punjab, has 7 metric ton per hour. Fully automatic through the entire chain of processing and final packing, the factory uses the world's best technologies and equipment for charming out rice grains that can only be described as impeccable. Facts about the rice factory:

  • Area about 7 acers
  • One of the big storage capacities 4000 metric ton of rice, 13000 metric ton of paddy
  • Production capacity 168 M.T per day
  • 2 color sorter Buhler's z Series
  • Mechanical dryers with Paddy drying capacity of 350 M.T per day.


  • Organic rice farmers often - although not always - sell their production as brown rice.
  • Brown rice is not subjected to the white rice polishing process. Instead, it is allowed to mature to full flavor in the field.
  • Brown rice is generally harvested at 16 to 18 percent moisture. This produces more mature fully developed rice kernels with a richer, fuller flavor.

Our History

  • Mr. Muhammad Hussain Bhandari alongwith his son Mr. Muhammad Nazir Bhandari put a small rice mill in Kamoke (Punjab, PK) and became the first Muslim who owned a rice mills in Punjab. The basic purpose was to mill their own paddy in their own mill to sell within the country.

  • Mr. Liaqat Nazir Bhandari joined his father Mr. Muhammad Nazir Bhandari in business and made certain changes in plant and increased the capacity. He started supplying huge quantity of Basmati rice to RECP (Govt. of Pakistan) as in those days no private company was allowed to export rice.

  • Govt. of Pakistan allowed private sector to export rice therefore, Mr. Liaqat Nazir Bhandari started export to USA and since then our supplied brands has a high respect in USA market.

  • Mr. Ejaz Ahmed (MBA) joined the company as Managing Partner who had 20 years experience of international sales & marketing of rice and also had basic knowledge of Organic rice production as well. Since then the company has expanded very fast not only in conventional but also in Organic rice business and now our buyers are in all continents of the world.

  • Umar Liaqat Bhandari son of Mr. Liaqat Nazir Bhandari joined RICE EXPERTS ENTERPRISES as a managing partner. So these three managing partners and their team is working hard by day and night to prove.' RICE EXPERTS ENTERPRISES' as an expert, committed & quality conscious not only in conventional but also in Organic sector in the whole word.

  • We established our own company in Hamburg, Germany with the name of RICE EXPERTS GMBH. The basic purpose was to put up our own rice mill and most modern packaging lines in Germany. But before making huge investment in Europe we started our own rice import & distribution not only in Germany but in other parts of E.U. just to understand E.U. market deeply.

  • RICE EXPERTS ENTERPRISES made joint venture with well know Italian group of companies named GEOVITA. Both companies have invested in each other set up and created a unique Group. Our group of companies has not only its own Organic farms / production but also has its own milling, processing & packing facilities not only in Pakistan but also in Italy. The group has the most expensive production lines in Villanova Monferrato, Italy beside complete rice mill & parboiling unit where we not only produce precooked rice from 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 7, 8 minutes but we also produce different precooked cereals. We have the fully automatic packing lines where we can pack 125g, 250g, 500g, 1000g, 5kg & 10kg.


  • Rice must be dried down to about 14 percent moisture for storage. This is achieved by passing freshly harvested rice across streams of warm air to gradually draw out the moisture.
  • While conventional rice storage relies on a range of synthetic chemical controls to ensure its integrity, organic rice storage relies on cleanliness and careful monitoring.
  • Organic rice is regularly stirred and aerated with cold air during the cool winter months. Rice bins are routinely checked for temperature, moisture, insect activity, and freshness.
  • Organic standards preclude the use of chemical controls in any rice milling, puffing, processing, or warehousing facilities.
  • Pest prevention, through the maintenance of meticulously clean facilities is the major means of controlling pests.
  • If insects do manage to get in stored grain, rice bins are filled with high pressure of CO2 before final processing & packing the rice.

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Rice Expert Ltd. is no stranger to awards and recognition.

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